Travel Crates

At Animal Travel, we offer travel crates for purchase or rental (domestic travel only) depending on your pets transportation needs. Travel crates for transporting pets come in a range of standard sizes or we can custom a pet travel crate so that your very important pet travels in maximum comfort.

See our section on preparing for animal transportation which details how to measure your pet for the correct size travel crate.

Animal Travel uses only quality IATA (Domestic and International) airline approved travel crates to transport pets that are for a lifetime of use.

PP Travel Crates

Model Model Length Width Height
PP 10 Extra Small Pet Pack 49cm 33cm 33cm
PP 20 Small Pet Pack 50cm 37cm 35cm
PP 30 Medium Pet Pack 62cm 43cm 45cm
PP 40 Large Pet Pack 67cm 38cm 52cm
PP 50 XL Pet Pack 82cm 56cm 62cm
PP 60 XXL Pet Pack 95cm 62cm 74cm
PP 70 XXXL Pet Pack 115cm 66cm 78cm
PP 80 XXXXL Pet Pack 116cm 66cm 85cm
PP 90 XXXXXL Pet Pack 131cm 77cm 85cm

Petmate Vari Kennels-pet transportation Crates

Name Length Width Height
Small 53cm 40cm 38cm
Medium 68cm 50cm 48cm
Intermediate 80cm 55cm 58cm
Large 90cm 60cm 66cm
X Large 101cm 68cm 76cm
Giant 122cm 80cm 89cm

Petmate Vari Crates

Pet Transportation Creates

Made-to-Measure Transportation Crates

Animal Travel use Custom made-to-Measure Wooden Crates for international pet travel ensuring the safe arrival of your pet at its international travel destination.


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