International Pet Travel From Austraila

Animal Travel provides safe and reliable travel for your very important pets whatever the destination throughout Australia, or across international waters.

Animal Travel can plan your very important pets trip from pick up from your residence to arrival at airport of destination overseas or delivery to your overseas residence whatever the destination…

Using our extensive knowledge and experience of pet shipping Animal Travel can ensure that your very important pets are relocated by the most direct routing as maximum comfort and safety is our highest priority at all times.

When your pet is travelling overseas there are certain regulations that must be completed.

Regulations vary from country to country and each country has different requirements relating to the importation of your pets.

Animal Travel can advise you of all the necessary regulations and requirements for your pets overseas destination.

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We Can Provide These Services

  • Veterinary treatments
  • Vaccinations
  • Export Permits
  • Import Permits
  • Transit Permits
  • AQIS documentation
  • Government document legalisation if required
  • Consular endorsements if required
  • Health documentation necessary for individual overseas protocols
  • Customs clearance of your pet at your overseas destination including delivery to your overseas residence if required.
  • Quality private onsite accommodation can be provided if you need to leave prior to your pet’s departure. See our section on accommodation for more information.

IATA International Airline Approved Travel Crates

A full range ofIATA international airline approved travel crates are available for purchase as part of our complete service. We can also custom build your travel crate to IATA specifications.

The travel crate must be big enough to allow the dog or cat to stand and turn around. Please see our section on Travel Crates and Preparing for more information.

Your pet’s travel crate will be fitted with soft and absorbent travel bedding for extra comfort and water containers inside the door with a funnel outside the door allowing for your pet to be watered on route after the travel crate is sealed.

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