Thank you Animal Travel we are absolutely over the moon to have Jack with us! This is Jack outside of Animal Reception Centre Heathrow. Thank you so much again you guys were just fabulous xxx


The aussie pups arrived safe and happy to Helsinki. They were perfectly taken care of and hadn't the slightest stress about the trip. Thank you for co-operation again and your excellent service

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International and Domestic Transport Services for Your Pet

Becoming a recognised leader in the industry, Animal Travel is a leading provider of quality services that cares for animals during their journey. Be it international, interstate within Australia or our pet transport service is the go-to for getting your dog, cat, bird or the like from A to B.

Well-versed in the welfare of all pets

Since its inception, Animal Travel has offered a range of dog transport, cat travel and other pet services that allows families to ensure their companion arrives safely at their destination. Especially fond of the happiness and loyalty that animals have to offer, our team continues to ensure our international pet transport services raise the bar for industry standards. We do this through our extensive knowledge and insights into our field of work, as well as our qualifications as veterinary specialists in animal travel.


We’ve always dedicated our services to providing professional, respectful, affordable and truly caring relocation support across both internationally and within Australia. No matter your requirements, we work hard to ensure we are able to effectively meet your needs, keeping the health and wellbeing of your pet in mind at all times. Best of all, we have our collection of qualifications and awards to show for it – having collected the 2010 Small Business Award for Outstanding Pet Care, amongst other valuable titles.

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We’re always more than willing to help out and answer any questions. If you’d like to find out more about our cat or dog transport services, and international animal relocation solutions, please feel free to get in touch on 1300 856 654. We can provide you with reliable advice, or simply a no-obligation quote.